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Shaping the Digital Future with Technology.

econtea is your digitization partner on the exciting path to innovative value creation and sustainable efficiency of all your business processes.

IT technology continues to drive change across the business landscape. We help companies like yours stay up-to-date and relevant in the digital world with the latest solutions and services catered to your specific needs.
Our portfolio includes:

  • Project and program management
  • Digital transformation of business models
  • Digitalization of processes
  • Process analysis and process cost optimization
  • Business development in selected industries
  • Consulting and implementation of:
    • Cloud services
    • Solutions for electronic invoicing (ZUGFeRD, XRechnung, Peppol and others)
    • Middleware and integration solutions
    • Novel technologies (Blockchain, DLT, NLP, RPA and others)
  • Data protection, IT security and digital ethics

Project Management

We accompany you through all phases of your project — from set-up, initialization and implementation to final review.

A value-oriented project management and project implementation competence is an essential cornerstone of our business.

Most of our consultants are certified in methods and best practices of project management and are constantly working on new approaches and improvements in this field. This applies to both classic and agile project management.

Our services in the field of project management include:

  • Project initialization,
  • Project planning,
  • Project implementation and project controlling,
  • Completion of the project.

In addition to the typical handling, monitoring and organization of projects, we also offer training and education tailored to your needs.

Feasibility Study

For feasibility studies, it is necessary to consider the economic, legal, organizational and IT-technical framework conditions and to design a suitable solution.

We examine possible solutions for various projects with regard to their feasibility and the provided framework conditions. Together with the customer, we analyze solution approaches, identify risks and estimate the prospects of success in order to find the best alternative.

We can also provide cost-benefit analyses including cost estimates, drafts of time and milestone schedules as well as budget estimates within the scope of business case considerations.

Typical activities here include:

  • Structuring and preparation of projects
  • Analysis and preparation of the topic areas
  • Structuring and design of subprojects and work packages
  • Evaluation and assessment of all project-relevant KPIs
  • Design of structure and time schedules
  • Definition and setup of project organizations and project structures

At the end of the feasibility study, customers receive a clear statement as to whether a project can meet the required goals and which alternative solution is best suited to achieve them.


Once you choose to move forward with a project, you enter the conception phase. In this phase, the necessary steps to achieve the project goals are defined, and added to the scope of the project. The goal is to understand all of the requirements of the subject-matter experts from IT and from lines of business. All of the requirements are then transformed into a goal-oriented concept.

Our consultants are both experienced and familiar with the methodologies required for a blueprinting or conception phase.

The concepts to be produced in the blueprinting phase may differ in terms of the level of detail, the target group and the coordination effort.

We understand and support our customers in the various requirements and offer many years of experience and expertise in the following areas:

  • Rough concept
  • Detailed conception
  • Technical conception
  • IT conception

Software Introduction

The company-wide introduction of software places high demands on the people involved in the project right from the start due to acceptance problems, low error tolerance among users and complex IT architectures.

In addition to the proven methodical competencies, we can act as a liaison between your subject-matter experts from the business and IT departments involved in your projects. Having our team as your direct interface between the people involved helps to ensure a successful implementation.

We support our customers in the typical activities that can occur in the course of a software implementation, such as:

  • Integration into an existing IT architecture
  • Company-wide introduction to the software
  • Definition of roll-out strategy/support of roll-out
  • Definition of migration strategy/accompanying migration
  • Coordination of IT and departmental tests
  • Implementation of quality assurance
  • Creation of training concept
  • Support in the adaptation of internal company processes
  • Definition and monitoring of change management


When it comes to optimization issues, such as reducing process costs or scaling the infrastructure, we support customers with our wealth of experience in a wide range of industries.

Important topics in our previous optimization projects include:

  • Analysis of the process/organization/IT dimensions
  • Weak point analysis and definition of measures
  • Identification and implementation of quick wins
  • Cost estimation and preparation of business cases
  • Implementation of optimization measures

The implementation extends across the entire consulting portfolio and covers your process-related, organizational and IT needs.

This includes optimization of:

  • The IT architecture
  • Programs and program parts
  • The organizational structure and the interfaces between organizational areas
  • Business processes

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